Venue Booking (Weddings)

Please read the information carefully before submitting this form

1. Applicants are required to be a member of VFC (attend Sunday Services and Connect Group regularly for at least 3 months)
2. Usage of facilities is at no cost. However, a free will donation to the church would be greatly appreciated.
3. Applicants must supply their own manpower – crew, clean up, musicians, etc.
4. Booking are not available on Sundays and Mondays.
5. Damage to any equipment or premises will be the liability of the applicant.
6. Applicant needs to give at least 1 months’ notice on bookings.
7. All dates (wedding/rehearsal) and venues are subject to confirmation.
8. More instructions on the use of the premises can be found below the form.

If you have queries, you can email us at [email protected] 


Car Parking

  • As there are limited car park lots, please advise your guests to park at the nearby public car parks.
  • Please provide your own car park marshals to direct car parking within the premise.

Food Reception

  • Food reception should be held only at the covered car park area or any other outdoor area (no food & drinks are allowed inside the building, especially the Main Hall).
  • Do inform the regional church office of any delivery of rented tables, chairs, etc (delivery & removal of the items should take place only during office hours).

Wedding Day

  • Any wedding decoration should be carried out on the same morning (anytime after 8.30am) of the wedding. Ensure that any decoration should not damage any wall surface or equipment in the buildings.
  • You are required to provide your own sound/video/GP personnel who have experience with our sound/video/GP system. (important: submission of the names of the personnel is required prior to confirmation of your wedding rehearsal)
  • Do note that a table for your communion will not be provided
  • Ensure all arrangement of chairs/ logistics are returned to their original set-up if re-arrangement has been made for the wedding (including all other halls & classrooms)
  • There will be a room reserved as a waiting room for the bride (exact room varies by location)

Cancellation of Booking: Please give at least one month notice for cancellation or postponement (subject to availability) of any booking

Clean up: Please make arrangements for cleaning up of the premises after use. We suggest you get a cleaning crew to help in this aspect.