Join a Serve Team!

We are so excited that you want to serve in one of our teams at Victory Family Centre. You can join a team by filling in this form! More information about our teams can be found below.

Our Teams

Technical and production skills are used to ensure that services are executed with excellence and create a distraction free environment  

Audio + Video + Lights + Screens Team

Involved in engaging with people who step through our doors, and serve by creating a safe, welcoming and distraction free environment.

Usher + Security

Creates an atmosphere for any guest joining us to feel welcomed through their time with us, and find a home here at Victory Family Centre.

Points people to Jesus through worship, songs, music and lifestyle. Anyone joining will have to go through an audition first.  

Builds the next generation to love God through our kids programs.  

Uses creative talents for people to encounter Jesus, feel inspired and build the house of God.

Photographers + Videographers + Social Media

Connects with guest from near and far through our online church platform. They serve people in a live chat environment by warmly engaging them, praying for needs and helping them find their next step.