School for Christian Growth Classes

Empowered by the Holy Spirit (YouTube)

In troubling and uncertain times, we have a power source that does not change. Jesus asked His disciples to wait in Jerusalem for this power. This course explores ways to grow in intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Moreover, students will learn how to receive and walk in His wisdom, strength and anointing.

Managing Transitions Successfully (YouTube)

It has often been said that ‘change is the only constant’ and the rapid pace of change today can bring anxiety and confusion.

Going through life’s many transitions can be overwhelming. Questions we have may include:

  • How do we embrace change?
  • What steps can we take to help us navigate changes more effectively?
  • How do we tap on God’s wisdom and grace as we go through change?

This course equips students with Godly wisdom, practical tips, life skills to not just survive but thrive in seasons of change.