What Are The Basics?

If there were only two things you need in knowing God, they would be: the word and prayer.


The Word

The Bible is how God preserved the truth about who He is and His purpose for His creation. Our need for God, and how we can live in freedom, is outlined clearly within its pages. As believers of Jesus, everything we put our faith in is based on the Word (Rom 10:17). As we read it, God stirs our hearts to respond in faith to His words (John 6:63)!

You can interact more with the Word by:

  • Starting to read it – try the Gospel of John!
  • Read daily – it may be a chapter, or just a few verses. Keep it consistent!
  • Expect to hear God speak as you read.
  • Write down what God speaks to you!



Prayer is communicating with God: hearing Him speak to you and expressing your heart to Him. Hearing God can come through reading the Bible, through other people God speaks through, and through “nudges” you sense in your spirit. Don’t worry about figuring out God’s voice immediately – as you reach out to Him earnestly, He promises to be found by you (Jer 33:3)! God wants a vibrant relationship with you – and that only comes through active communication. Set aside a time each day to quieten yourself and let God speak, and then express your heart and needs to God (Psalm 5:3).


Talk about it:

  • What are some ways you can start reading the Word and praying in your daily life?
  • What is something God spoke to you about?