Level 7 Classes

Ministry Practics 1 (YouTube)

This course focuses on how to lead and minister effectively as a cell leader. The three-fold role of the cell leader is presented: to proclaim the good news, to watch over and protect the sheep and to develop and train members. Topics include nurturing, shepherding, loving with compassion and ministering to the need. Motivational and leadership principles are also presented with the aim of producing cell leaders who are influential, inspiring and impactful.


Worship, Praise & Prayer (YouTube)

It has been said that worship is the highest form of expression of man to God — the created to his Creator. Worship is an integral way of life for the Christian, not only individually but also corporately as a Church. Biblical insights, together with principles on experiences of worship, will be taught in the course.You will be shown how you can be transformed from mere “singers” to “true worshippers” of the great and mighty God we serve.