Level 7 Classes

Genesis (YouTube)

This study of the first book of the Bible is intended to lay a firm foundation for the believer’s knowledge of the rest of the Old and New Testament. The purpose, theme and structure of the book is summarised in a simple outline which divides it into two main sections:
• primeval history dealing with Creation, the Fall and the Flood;
• dispersion to the nations; and
• patriarchal history dealing with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph

The course takes the student through Genesis chapter by chapter. The provisions of sacrifice as atonement for sin and God’s covenant with mankind through Abraham are discovered within the events and personalities in the book.

Worship, Praise & Prayer (YouTube)

It has been said that worship is the highest form of expression of man to God — the created to his Creator. Worship is an integral way of life for the Christian, not only individually but also corporately as a Church. Biblical insights, together with principles on experiences of worship, will be taught in the course.You will be shown how you can be transformed from mere “singers” to “true worshippers” of the great and mighty God we serve.