Level 6 Classes

Johannine Literature (YouTube)

This course provides an overview of the writings of John, thus the term, “Johannine Literature.” In both the Gospel of John and his letters, John’s writings are characterised by his vivid descriptions of the humanity and divinity of Jesus. While the Gospel of John deals with the doctrine of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the letters of John (1, 2 and 3 John) are intensely pastoral and practical. John writes them as an eyewitness and also as one who actually heard, touched, interacted with and received “the Word of Life” into his own life.

The pastoral application then follows: if a person has had the same experience of being touched by the “Word of Life”, he should “walk in the light as He is in the light”. If we have this life, we will relate with others based on the love of God that is part of His kind of life. Thus, in our walk and in our relationships with one another, we have both the test and the assurance of our identity as true sons of God.