Level 5 Classes

Purpose of the Church (YouTube)

The Church seems to mean different things for different people. In this course, we offer the Biblical perspective of the Church. We will trace the original concept of the Church in Matt 16:18, then to its birth by the Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts. We will then follow its establishment and expansion by the apostles and ultimately to its present position. This course also deals with the roles, functions and responsibilities of believers as members of the Church to prepare and perfect her as the glorious bride of Christ for His return.

General Epistles (YouTube)

Why are the letters of James, Peter and Jude important? James deals with practical aspects of Christian living – Christianity made real through our words that brings life to others, our works of faith and our walk marked by godliness. The letters of First and Second Peter were written to encourage believers in the Early Church to keep their hope focused on the return of Christ in a time of severe persecution. It is this same hope that will see us through tough times. Jude was written to believers in the Early Church to warn them against the false teaching that God’s grace is an excuse for immoral living and to contend against false teachers who had denied “our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ”.