Level 5 Classes

Pauline Epistles (YouTube)

This course is a survey of the epistles written by the Apostle Paul to the churches he founded and worked with. Several books will be highlighted for analytical and expository study in terms of structure and content. You will learn to identify and study themes in each epistle which deal with the local church.

Practics of Counselling (YouTube)

“Practics of Counselling” builds on the previous courses on “Principles of Counselling” and “Process of Counselling.” More specifically, it will equip the counsellor to deal with the lack of spiritual assurance as well as the struggle with sin which all Christians face. It will empower the counsellor to deal with negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, failure and discouragement. Challenging situations such as persecution, sickness, death and suicide will be covered. Marital counselling and its related aspects such as divorce counselling will also be dealt with in this course. This course is a must for anyone who desires to help individuals and families with the practical problems and issues they face.