Level 4 Classes

The Christian Family (YouTube)

The family as an institution is under tremendous pressure. Every day, we receive news reports about the challenges that marriages face, the increasingly complex problems our children go through such as drug addiction, sexual immorality, teenage gangs and unfulfilled relationships. What better way to understand how to build a family than to return to the plans of its Designer?

This course seeks to impart a Biblical understanding of the family as the institution that God has designed it to be. It shares important principles on the roles of the husband/father, wife/mother and children and their relationships with one another from the Word of God.


Process of Counselling (YouTube)

This course builds on the course “Principles of Counselling.” It is recommended that students attend the courses in sequence. Participants will understand counselling approaches and more importantly, what is expected of a biblical counsellor. The importance of developing a proper relationship with the one being counselled will be emphasised and skills on how to achieve this will be taught.

Participants will also learn how to perceive needs and problems. Practical counselling skills such as listening and responding with empathy, warmth and respect will be included in this course. More challenging skills involving confrontation as well as those to overcome resistance from the one being counselled will also be imparted.