Level 4 Classes

Gifts of the Holy Spirit (YouTube)

Paul’s admonition to the Corinthian Christians when he said “Now about spiritual gifts, brothers, I do not want you to be ignorant” also applies to
us. There is no reason why we should go through our Christian life not understanding the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In this course, a balanced Biblical perspective of the “charismata” – the powerful yet gracious gifts of the Holy Spirit – will be presented.
The following will be covered:
• What the gifts of the Holy Spirit are
• How each gift operates in the church
• Why the gifts are so important and relevant to us today


Asian Religions (YouTube)

Knowledge of the religious world-view of our non-Christian friends and neighbours is essential if we want to win them to Christ. This course will equip you with an understanding of religion, its origins and its expressions through some of the major religions of the world. We will focus our studies on a comparative study of the major Asian religions – Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam – with biblical Christianity. The belief systems and the practices of these religions will be studied together with how they compare with measure up to what the Bible teaches. Two case studies will be presented to help students be aware of cultural and religious sensitivities that may cause roadblocks to the effective sharing of the Gospel.