Level 3 Classes

Level 3 Courses will be in-person at 9am and 12pm in classrooms across our regional locations

Faith and the Supernatural (9am)

Based on the Book of Acts, the student will be introduced to the work of the Holy Spirit in empowering the apostles and believers in the Early Church to fulfil Christ’s Great Commission. We will see how their faith resulted in supernatural signs and wonders, so that the proclaiming of the Gospel “to the ends of the earth” could go on unhindered. The lives and ministries of Peter, Stephen (the first Christian martyr), Paul and others will be used to illustrate our study on this subject. With this background, the student will receive a proper context to exercise faith and the supernatural in our present times.

Romans and Galatians (12pm)

Romans and Galatians are the two letters written by Paul to ensure that believers will have the knowledge and legacy of the one true Gospel of Jesus Christ. In Romans, Paul deduced systematically the fact of man’s sinfulness. It is only in Christ and what He did on the Cross that man can receive forgiveness of sin and be reconciled to God. Paul wrote Galatians because of the threat of a dangerous heresy taught by the “Judaizers”, who insisted that Gentiles had to be circumcised before they could become Christians. For Paul, this was a repudiation of the truth that man’s salvation is by faith and not by works of the law. As with all Paul’s letters, the great doctrinal truths taught are then applied to practical Christian living.