Level 3 Classes

Level 3 Courses will be in-person at 9am and 12pm in classrooms across our regional locations

Strategy for Living (In-person at regional location, 9am)

Getting the most out of life. Making time work for you. Preventing mental breakdown and moral failure. Choosing the right vocation and the right life partner. Establishing friendships. These are some of the vital and practical issues that will be dealt with from a Biblical perspective in this course. The purpose of this course is to help Christians develop a wholesome lifestyle in a world where we are expected to perform and produce results under intense pressure.

Casting Out Demons (In-person at regional location, 12pm)

This course provides teaching on the existence, origin and nature of demonic spirits. It exposes their real agenda and purposes. An important part of the study shows how people provide access for demon spirits to get into their lives and how demon spirits manifest themselves. The second half of the course will equip students with the knowledge for deliverance, casting out demons through the power of the Holy Spirit and the exercise of spiritual gifts. Instructions are also given on how the ones who are delivered can maintain their condition of liberty so that they can experience a life of victory in Christ.