Level 1 Classes

The Word

This is an introductory course to help young believers know the importance of the Bible, which is the word of God, in their new lives in Christ. The first half of the course is devoted to a study of the nature of the Word of God and its practical benefits in a believer’s life. The second-half deals with the devotional aspects of study and the application of the Word of God. Included in this second section are lessons that instruct students in the different methods of Bible study. The desired outcome of this course is that students will commit themselves to a habit of studying the Word of God daily.



This course complements the course on “The Word”. These two courses should be taken together in the same quarter. This study on ‘Prayer’ introduces new believers to the importance of prayer and the different aspects in which prayer may be expressed in their lives. The objectives of this course are not only to inculcate a habit of prayer, but also to move a believer’s prayer life from one of desire to discipline and finally to one of joy and delight.



The victory experienced at the Encounter Retreat is only the beginning of a wonderful and fulfilling journey with the Lord. Choosing to walk with Christ means a life of continual blessings through what He did on the Cross. However, the devil will try to tempt the Encounter candidates to turn back from their decision to follow Christ wholeheartedly. Post-Encounter is designed to consolidate and cement the breakthroughs made at the Encounter. It will reinforce the foundation that was laid and enable these candidates to build successfully on their blessings received at the Encounter.