Before embarking on this 21-day journey, take time to prepare yourself. Decide what you will fast and write down what you are believing God for. The more prepared you are as you enter these 21 days, the more you can expect God to do.


Decide What To Fast

Full fast: abstain from all solid food
Partial fast: abstain from one or two meals a day, or from a certain type of food or drink
Other fasts: abstain from other activities (e.g. entertainment, hobbies, social media) to focus on God


Set Some Goals

Write down some specific goals or areas in your life that you’re believing God to speak to you about. Begin with the goal of knowing God more intimately and hearing His voice more clearly. If there are areas in your life where you are needing a breakthrough, commit them to God and believe that He can work in your life as you fast and pray. Most importantly, remain open to whatever God wants to speak and do as you seek Him!


Share The Journey With Someone

As we embark on a journey over the next 21 days as a church, we’re doing this together! Find someone who can journey with you – your spouse, a close friend, or someone from your Connect Group. Go through the devotional together. Commit to sharing with each other what you sense God is speaking to you and doing in you over the next 3 weeks.


Tune In

There is also a worship playlist that you can take with you through the next 21 days, with songs that echo the themes in this devotional. Listen to it in your quiet time, in the car, or wherever you are, and make it your soundtrack for the season!