What is Fasting?

Fasting is a spiritual discipline where we intentionally abstain from food for a period of time. We deny our natural desires, humble ourselves, and take time to focus on God.

Fasting should be accompanied by dedicated times of prayer and the study of God’s Word as we align ourselves with God’s will. If you don’t know where to start, each day’s devotional contains a passage of scripture and a simple prayer that you can follow.

Fasting is not an effort to change God’s mind or gain His approval, but rather, it changes our attitude and perspective, and reminds us to depend fully on God. Fasting also precedes a move of God. The Bible describes some examples:

– Moses, in seeking a spiritual breakthrough, spent 40 days alone with God without eating or drinking until he received The Ten Commandments (Exodus 24:18).
– David sought a personal breakthrough as he fasted to keep himself humble (Psalm 35:13).
– Daniel fasted and prayed as he sought a breakthrough for the exiled people living in rebellion against their God (Daniel 9:3-4).
– Jesus entered a 40-day fast before launching His public ministry (Matthew 4:1-2).


Getting Started

Before we begin, take time to prepare by deciding what to fast, setting some goals and choosing who to journey with. The more we prepare, the more we position ourselves to hear God better and step into what He is calling us to do.

Over these 21 days, keep your heart and mind open to how God wants to encounter you. Start each day with an expectation that God can speak something new to you. Choose a quiet spot and set aside your mobile devices and anything else that would disrupt your focus. As you read and pray, note down the thoughts that God drops into your heart. Pray over these thoughts further, act on them, and share them with your friends or leaders.


Decide What To Fast

Full fast: abstain from all solid food
Partial fast: abstain from one or two meals a day, or from a certain type of food or drink
Other fasts: abstain from other activities (e.g. entertainment, hobbies, social media) to focus on God


Set Some Goals

– Begin with the desire to seek God more intimately and encounter God afresh
– Commit to God any area in your life that you are needing to break through
– Write down specific areas you are seeking God’s direction for
– Wait on God to speak and choose to obey Him


Journey With Someone

We are fasting and praying together as a church. Start these 21 days together with someone – your spouse, your friends or your Connect Group. Share with them what God has spoken and encourage each other to pursue what God is calling us to do.


Tune In

A worship playlist has been curated for you to listen during your devotions, commute or at home! You can tune in to the playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.