Family Life Seminar (2pm via Zoom for 12 lessons)

This quarter, the Family Life Ministry is offering a School for Christian Growth class on Parenting. Each of the following 3 classes lasts for 6 weeks and they all take place at 2pm.

1. Parenting Infants (from pregnancy to 2 years of age): You will learn principles and skills to set routines that will bring normalcy to you and your young child. When you are able to establish routines for your child in their formative years, a good foundation will be established for their subsequent nurturing years. Topics covered will include right beginnings, relational goal of parenting, the V of love, how to manage meal-time, play-time and sleep-time.


2. Parenting Children (3 to 7 years of age): You will learn the importance of establishing good parenting and relationship principles in this phase of your parenting. The skills shared will enable you to spend more effort in nurturing instead of just instructing and correcting your child. Topics include imparting faith at home, right parenting styles, rules on rules, and principles of discipline.


3. Parenting Teenagers (12 to 18 years of age): You will learn that the successful parenting approach that your teen needs is for you to be an encourager and motivator. Your exemplary conduct plays a pivotal role as your teen will now be able to discern between what is taught and practiced. Topics include understanding your teen, overcoming stress, cyber-wellness and sexuality.