Family Life Seminar (2pm only)

This quarter, the Family Life Ministry is offering a School for Christian Growth class on Parenting. Each of the following 3 classes lasts for 6 weeks and they all take place at 2pm.

1. Parenting Infants and Toddlers (from pregnancy to 2 years of age): This course will enable you to understand God’s design and purpose for your child. It will also set the right foundations and give your child the confidence they need. With these principles your child will be a blessing to others and a joy to you.

Topics include:

  1. Right Beginnings For Effective Parenting
  2. Understanding your child
  3. Building resilience and character
  4. Bridging Parent-Child Relationships
  5. Building Confidence
  6. Establishing Routines And Learning Through Play At Home


2. Parenting Children (7 to 12 years of age): Effective parenting is On the Job Training. We learn along the way as we take on the responsibility of being a parent. The Word of God gives us parenting principles. But we also need to share our successes, our failures and learn from each other. Through this we can be the parent God wants us to be.

Topics include:

  1. Guiding your child in a digital world
  2. Learning and growing together
  3. Discipling your child
  4. Seizing opportunities to learn and teach
  5. Praying for your children


3. Parenting Teenagers (13 to 18 years of age): You will learn that the successful parenting approach your teen needs is for you to be an encourager and motivator. While your exemplary conduct continues to play a pivotal role, your parenting style needs to change from one of directing to one of ‘suggesting.’ This course will enable your teen to transit well into adulthood.

Topics include:

  1. Understanding your teen
  2. Motivating your teen to submit to authority
  3. Helping your teen to mature in faith
  4. Encouraging your teen to build healthy relationships
  5. Tackling sexuality & building confidence
  6. Helping your teen navigate social risks

*Do note that these classes are only offered at 2pm