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Important Information About Baby Dedication

We do not believe in infant baptism, but we do believe in infant dedication, just as Jesus was dedicated to the Lord (Luke 2:22)

The purpose of Baby Dedication is for parents to acknowledge that their children belong to the Lord and they are stewards, responsible to raise their children up in the ways of God with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Baby dedication is a public declaration of this commitment.

Jesus was presented to the Lord 8 days after birth. Practically, the sooner the better. Anywhere from a month from birth till about a year old would be ideal. Baby dedications will not be done for children older than 4.

Parents must be born again Christians and attend Church regularly. Parents must also commit to attending a Parenting Toddlers Course within a year from the date of the Dedication.

Parenting Toddlers is the first of three parenting courses conducted by the Family Life Ministry of VFC. It is an introductory course for parents whose children are less than a year old. It aims to acquaint parents with values, attitudes, and skills that will help them to train their children in God’s ways and free them from child-centred parenting. These lessons can also be attended by parents awaiting the arrival of their baby.

The 6 lessons will be offered once a year in the 4th quarter. They will be conducted online on Sunday mornings at 9am and 2pm. Each lesson lasts for 45 min and is conducted by a Family Life Minister in your region.

Should you have any queries, you can contact a Family Life minister in your Region or email [email protected].