Segue 2 – Meeting Needs

Question/Statement: “I may not have a solution, but I do know a God that can help”


Transition into personal testimony & 4 Circles:

  • Share a similar experience you have had in the past (may not be the same need but perhaps one that gave you the same response) and share how God intervened in that situation.
  • Say “We all face moments where we feel pressure put on us from difficult circumstances.”
  • “In the midst of pressure, we can be confident that the future is gonna be better because of Jesus.”
  • Let me share with you why I’ve placed my trust in God (who has a great plan for my life and your life).
  • 3 pointers to share a testimony:

1. There was a time in my life where I used to be…
2. I came to a turning point in my life when I found Jesus…
3. Since then all this weight I was carrying had now gone since Jesus became a part of my life and now I’m…

  • Share the 4 circles gospel tool: you will need to tie the gospel back to the pre- believer’s needs