Level 2 Classes (9am & 12pm)

Starting 2023, Level 2 Courses will be assimilated into and offered via Growth Track

Life of Christ (Zoom)

This course seeks to provide students with an understanding of the times and settings of the world that Jesus lived and ministered in as described in the four Gospels. The highlight of the course is a detailed study of the Lord’s ministry from its early days to the final climax of His arrest, trial, sufferings and crucifixion in Jerusalem. Other important aspects of the course include a study of the central message and mission of the Lord, His teachings and the miracles that accompanied and confirmed what He preached and taught.

Principles of Love (Zoom)

The Bible declares that God is love and we, as His children, must exhibit the same nature of love both individually and corporately as His Church. This course seeks to impart the knowledge of the principles of love as taught in the Word of God. We will study extensively from selected Bible characters how they demonstrated these principles in and through the challenging circumstances of their lives. The last part of this course seeks to help students understand and apply the principles of love in their commitment to a spirit of unity with all members in the Body of Christ.